Three people were shot dead while driving in a county assembly car and it is assumed that the attackers were targeting a politician  
Occurred in Wenje, Kenya on May 26, 2017, at 10:15 AM
Reported by anonymous via SMS on May 29, 2017, at 11:40 PM in Nduru, Kenya
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This rumour is confirmed false and is of high priority – here's why:
Only one person was shot dead by alleged Al-Shabaab attackers who were killed by security personnel few days later. Police are still investigating the reasons behind the killings.

This heatmap depicts the spread of rumours over time. Hotter areas of the map denote earlier sightings, while cooler areas indicate delayed dispersion.

Location Reported by Via Date
Nduru, Kenya anonymous SMS 29-May-2017 @ 11:40 PM
Garsen, Kenya anonymous SMS 29-May-2017 @ 10:45 PM
Chara, Kenya anonymous SMS 29-May-2017 @ 11:30 AM
Idsowe, Kenya anonymous SMS 29-May-2017 @ 2:25 AM
Madogo, Kenya anonymous Voice / telephone 26-May-2017 @ 5:00 PM
June 6, 2017 | 1:17 PM | john2014

June 6, 2017 | 1:04 PM | CTuckwood
MODERATOR So this is confirmed to have been an Al-Shabaab attack?