Two passenger motorcycles (bodabodas) that operate along the Gamba-Garsen road are mostly used for ferrying illegal goods and suspicious people  
Occurred in Garsen, Kenya on February 27, 2019, at 5:05 PM
Reported by anonymous via SMS on February 27, 2019, at 5:05 PM in Unknown, Kenya

This rumour is impossible to verify and is of high priority – here's why:
The reporter did not provide more details about those specific bodabodas, which makes it impossible to clearly identify the riders. There are two police roadblocks between Minjila and Gamba and even though alternative routes exist, at no time have the police manning those roadblocks arrested suspicious individuals or illegal goods being ferried by use of bodabodas.

This heatmap depicts the spread of rumours over time. Hotter areas of the map denote earlier sightings, while cooler areas indicate delayed dispersion.

Location Reported by Via Date
Unknown, Kenya anonymous SMS 27-Feb-2019 @ 5:05 PM

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